MooseX::Params on CPAN

An alpha versin of MooseX::Params, described in my previous post, is already on CPAN. MooseX::Params is an attempt to rethink parameter processing and function declaration in Perl. The current release implements the three main objectives: a meta protocol, parameters with lazy builders, and access to processed parameters via the %_ hash.

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My Perl 5.16 Parameter Processing Apocalypse

Change is happening and excitement is in the air. Perl 5.16 is gearing up to be a very inetersting release. And the one area where discussion is most heated is the last bastion of anti-modern Perl: method declarations and signatures.

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Bulgarian Perl Workshop

This year’s Bulgarian Perl Workshop is taking place in Sofia on Saturday, February 26. With the help of the French Perl Mongers we will have a Dancer talk by Alexis Sukrieh, and we are also excited to have Alex Kapranoff from as a guest speaker. The event is off to a great start, and we even have some fantastic artwork thanks to our friends at More details are available at the workshop website

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HTML::FormFu, The Missing Manual

HTML::FormFu is a fantastic library for managing web forms. It is a very flexible framework to create and validate forms, and it also provides powerful tools to fetch and update form data from and into a database. Having already used it for a number of application at $work (in conjunction with Catalyst and DBIx::Class), I have been truly amazed by the improvement it has brought in terms of both speed of development and clarity of code.

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pmhack, podpreview, rcsync

I finally got to package some of my automation scripts as proper distributions and upload them to CPAN in the hope that somebody else may find them useful too.



pmhack Some::Module::Name
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Miril Gains Plack Support, Command-Line Interface, and More

A fresh new release of my pet project, Miril, is already on CPAN. Miril is the content management system that powers this blog: read about why Miril was created or have a look at some screenshots.

Here is a breakdown of the notable changes:

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