Perl, Names and World Domination

Making a clean break from what draws you back is important. Whither can we go if "Perl 5" has lost its coolness factor, and "Perl 6" is already taken? But the path to world domination and greater numbers of "ninja perl programmers" and "perl rockstars" need not not necessarily go through the name of Perl itself. It did not for Ruby - it was Rails that did it. Here is my recipe:

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My DarkPAN Setup

chromatic wrote about setting up a private CPAN to store your code. I am a big fan of this appropach, and I think that managing code as distributions, rather than as a bunch of stuff in a version control repo (which is the predominant practice in most shops), is the one and only way to go. Here is how we have set things up at $work:

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MooseX::Params Usage Examples

MooseX::Params (my experiment in parameter processing) has undergone some changes and only the the attributes-based interface has been left now. Here are some examples from the synopsis of how it works. Most of them have been adapted from the Moose manual and the subroutines chapter of Gabor Szabo's Perl 6 tutorial.

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